Free Software


I like using Free Software. This is software which everyone is free to use, change and improve without restrictions. It has two major advantages, at least in my mind: first it is free (in the sense that you don’t have to pay for it); and secondly it is high quality and innovative. The second aspect comes from the fact that all the people in the world can bring their ideas and skills to bear on it. This gives free software the edge over traditional proprietary software.

Aside from charitable organisations and volunteer groups, there are also loads of really great corporations which further open source software development. To read more about the philosophy of Open Source software, see the GNU project website.

My operating system is Ubuntu, which is professional, exciting, productive, and well supported.

Within Ubuntu, I use other fantastic open source software on a daily basis, including the Linux kernel, GNU tools, the Gnome desktop environment, the Evolution email client, the office suite, and lots of others.

This website is brought to you entirely by free software. Among vital components are the Debian operating system, Apache webserver and two great web publishing systems: WordPress (for the blog) and Gallery (for the photo gallery).

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