Suggesting new features for Dreamhost

Another post about Dreamhost webhosting. Further to my post inviting people to join up, it looks like a fair few people have done so, so I’m confident that a few new or existing Dreamhosters are reading along here.

A cool feature they have is the ability to submit suggestions for new features (Click Home->Suggestions in your web panel). I’d like to plug my top features, in the hope that someone will vote for them and they’ll have a small chance of getting implemented.

First of all, allow threaded messages in squirrelmail (you’ll need a dreamhost account to read the link). For those of us who use webmail to follow mailing lists occasionally, this is an absolute must…

Secondly, another webmail feature – add GPG support to squirrelmail. This needs no explanation. If you use GPG on your email client, why shouldn’t you be able to do so from webmail?

Go vote.

As a matter of interest, read Dreamhost’s New Years Resolution too. Controversial, entertaining, and hopefully promising as well.

5 thoughts on “Suggesting new features for Dreamhost

  1. angrykeyboarder

    I investigated Dreamhost over a year ago. At that time they didn’t offer SSH access (which is very important to me). I corresponded with someone there who told me this was due to security issues.

    I checked again last summer and it was the same.

    Apparently that’s now changed. in the meantime, I went with Site5 which I’m very happy with.

    I was partial to Dreamhost since they run on Debian but in the end it doesn’t make any difference to users anyway. At least my host ( runs on Linux (CentOS).

    If I ever get tired of/annoyed with Site5, I’ll give Dreamhost another look.

  2. James

    You know, you can install your own SquirrelMail on DreamHost. Let’s use our votes on stuff we can’t do ourselves.

  3. matt Post author

    @James – you are unlikely still to be reading, but I’ve now tried to install my own SquirrelMail. There seems to be no way to do it over https, so of course, the GnuPG plugin isn’t an option. So, that’s a valid use of votes!!


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